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Commercial Contractor Driven By Partnership.

We value our clients, trades, and design partners for the knowledge and expertise they bring to every project. We believe all those we work with are people first, rather than just producers of work. That compels us to treat all our partners with the highest level of respect. We know that when people feel appreciated, heard and a valued part of the team they give their best effort.

Commercial contractors must change, the top-down approach from the past slowly disappearing. The new way forward is a partnership approach with all of the project team aligned on the overall mission and working hand in hand to anticipate challenges and solving problems that arise.

This change to a partnership model has transformed our commercial contracting business and how we communicate with our partners. We know that if everyone feels valued for what they bring to the table, they’ll do their best work. Join us in a better way of working together.

Welcome to the new way of construction

Pre-construction to after project care, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Story.

We believe spaces are an essential component to how well you work and feel.

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a commercial contractor is converting a design vision into a truly functional and beautiful work environment. We don’t take it for granted that not everyone gets this reward in their work.

It motivates us to be the go-to commercial contractor for building amazing spaces used and enjoyed for many years.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The project was completed on time, on budget, and with a high quality of workmanship throughout. Work sites were left clean and tidy on a daily basis, and communication throughout the entire project was stellar."
Gary Johnson, FBO Manager
Jetport Inc.

Verona Building Partners

Best Practices For Construction Site Safety

Safety is one of the key issues that need to be considered when planning and setting up a construction site. Accidents and injuries are a tragic setback for construction workers and a leading cause of compensations for construction companies.

Verona Building Partners

Can A Design-Build Model Improve Your Next Construction Project?

The design-build methodology has always been the preferred approach when implementing a development project. “Design-Build” is defined as a project delivery method with both design and construction services are provided by the same firm, known as design-builder.