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Verona Building Partners is founded by Andre Henriques. In his past experiences as commercial construction project manager, Andre developed a passion for commercial building and the construction industry. Along with his skill for building relationships, Andre builds a foundation of strong partnerships with clients, architects, and sub-contractors.


Verona BP join the Canadian Franchise Association as a commercial contractor service provider. As a member of the CFA service, Verona BP is now provides commercial general contracting and construction management services to Canadian's most well known franchise brands.


The team goes through a development process to reevaluate what’s important to us as a company and what makes us different from all other commercial contractors. We decided that our customers can best help to determine what makes us different. Through our meetings, it was unanimous that our collaborative approach was our best asset. To continue to service our customers our focus on partnership became our primary mission.


Verona BP moves to a new office is Mississauga to support business expansion and service areas.

Our Transformation

Since our inception, we’ve been fortunate to be the chosen commercial contractor to build some amazing spaces and partners with great clients.

While being grateful, we still had an uncomfortable feeling that something within the commercial construction industry was broken. Many times, we were in challenging situations, project team members weren’t working toward a common goal. We also experienced top-down management and we were forced into the pecking order. The terms sub-consultant and sub contractor make it known we are not all equal.

After working with numerous clients, we notice a fundamental shift, where more clients were not just looking for a commercial contractor but a construction management partner. To meet our client needs we implemented this model in which we shared our ideas and expertise throughout the planning stage rather just constructing the design. We were able to do our best work and be a valued partner to our clients, looking out for their best interest.  

We adopted the approach with all our trades and supplier, empowering them to add value to every project.

This change to a partnership model has transformed us a commercial contractor and how engage with our partners. We feel when the project team is empowered and their input is valued, they’ll do their best work.

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