Can A Design-Build Model Improve Your Next Construction Project?

The design-build methodology has always been the preferred approach when implementing a development project. “Design-Build” is defined as a project delivery method with both design and construction services are provided by the same firm, known as design-builder.

At Verona Building Partners, the design-build methodology has always been the preferred approach when implementing a development project. “Design Build” is defined as a project delivery method with both design and construction services are provided by the same firm, known as design builder.

This process is vastly different from the traditional architect/contractor hire plan in that design-builders are responsible for everything, from brainstorming and drafting initial sketches and layout ideas, to assisting in the selection of materials, to putting the first shovel in the dirt – to handing you the keys to your new space. Simply put, we do everything, and for a number of good reasons. Let us explain.

The design-build process varies from the traditional architect/contractor structure in that design builders are responsible for all aspect of the project, from planning, concept design, assisting in the material selection and putting the first shovel in the dirt. We complete all aspects of the project from A-Z and for good reasons. Let’s explain.


Whether you choose to work with Verona or any other design-builder, you’re working exclusively with one firm – not two, or three. We’re responsible for all aspects of the project including end result and how we get there. Because we design the project, more detail is given to every element of the project including the design phases, pricing, availability, scheduling and construction.

For most clients, pricing of the project is an important in the decision-making process. We take into account pricing and the client budget early in the process. If the project is derailed by a blown budget, our team his held accountable.  It’s an instrumental part of our expanding dedication to be open and transparent with our partners and clients. We focus on building amazing projects and relationships where excuses aren’t a part of the equation.

Team Approach

Design-builders are always strengthening relationship with developers, builders and renovators because our approach put us in the trenches with the entire team. We’re all in this together – and we ultimately share the same goals. We’re always aiming to meet and exceed our client’s expectations as a way to show them that we care about every aspect of the project as much as they do.

Every construction project encounters challenges, when they arise, we know that multiple heads are better than one. Pointing fingers of blame is not the best way to progress forward, instead we get down to work by brainstorming viable solutions while ensuring our collective goals are met.

Efficiency & Expertise

Time equals money – When the design team and builder are engaged from planning stage, your project is schedule is much more efficient than process that involves transfer information from one entity to another. This means the opportunity to fine-tune details, set goals and expectations and define lines of communication.

Design-builders have experience and expertise in both areas of design and building. They bring to the table proven construction know-how and job-site understanding. This is important when considering that some architects no in the field experience – our efficiency and expertise intersect in ways that traditional contracting models just can’t; we’re builders that think like architects and our architects think like builders.
Design builder’s expertise goes beyond knowing our way around a job-site or design process. Our industry experience has taught us some of the ins and outs of client psychology. We expect questions, we’re dedicated to guiding your business or project through the paces to ensure that you are on top of the decision-making processes.


A key to understanding the design-build model is knowing that the client wants to be an active participant in the entire process. When clients are active in the project process it ensures that they get final outcome they envisioned, we are able to assist with ongoing collaboration. When working closely with the client daily increases confident and communication all while to client retains full control of the creative process of turning their ideas into reality.


It’s can be stressed enough how important honesty and transparency is to the design-build model. We never forget that a given project could be the final milestone in our client's career or an opportunity to make a lifelong dream come true. With project of such importance, we believe that it’s critical to be honest, open and transparent in all forms of communication. This ensure we are all on the same page and working toward a common goal.

We work diligently to deliver accurate budgets, schedules, design drawings, and provide input to increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase value, and deliver on the little things that really matter. When a request isn’t feasible – you can count on us to explain the reasonings, and from there, we move forward together to find alternative. Simply put, we value continually communicating with clients. This process helps us to be more efficient design-builders, learning is never complete.

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