Building lasting mutually beneficial relationships is at the core

of our business. We look forward to the opportunity to assist in

your growth and continued success.

We value our clients, design partners, and trade partners not just for the skills and

expertise they bring, but for who they are. We see those we work with as people instead

of machines that produce work, so it compels us to treat them with a high level of respect,

value and fairness. We believe that when people feel valued, understood, and part of a

team they can be freed up to do their best work..

The construction industry is changing, and the top-down model of the past is fading

away. The way forward is a partnership approach, where everyone is aligned in mission

and working shoulder to shoulder, solving problems and seeing issues and challenges

from each other’s perspective.

Join us in a better way of working together.

Head Office

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Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V9

T: 905.608.3717

E: Projects@veronabp.ca

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